Onaizah Dates Company - Golden Dates

The Golden Dates Factory in Unaizah belongs to the Al-Attiyah Holding Group and is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Qassim. The factory receives all kinds of dates to be manufactured from all over the Kingdom according to the specifications and quality standards that suit the consumer's tast...

Riyadh Food Industries Company

Founded in 1989, Riyadh Food Company has been a product of many years' experience in The field of foodstuff trading and marketing. It has been the first Gulf Manufacture The field of foodstuff trading and marketing. It has been the first Gulf Manufacture of Baking powder and Vanilla – with the lis...


ARASCO Feed is a strategic business unit of the Arabian Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO), a leading food security enterprise in the Middle East and the proud innovator of water-wise WAFI feeds. ...

Al Hasa Automatic Bakery Company

Al-Hasa automatic bakeries a leading manufacturing and distribution company based in Al Hasa city of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which holds international certificate for health and safety in the Arabian Peninsula offers the finest types of bakery products, breads, Croissants, sweets and pastries etc. i...

National Food Industries Company Limited

National Food Industries Company Limited was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1993. The factory is the largest integrated food industry in the Middle East with ultramodern facilities, involved in the processing and packaging of a wide variety of canned products such as Foul Medames, Peas & Be...

Al Amoudi Beverage Industries

Al-Amoudi Beverage Industries (ABI) is considered as one of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for producing soft drinks, juices, nectar and mineral water. This has been achieved after great efforts from the top management and its loyal staff.... ABI started production in 1982 wit...

Al Rawdh Agriculture Green Houses Factory

Al Rawda Factory was established to contribute to overcoming the harsh nature in the Kingdom and transforming it into arable environments through designing, manufacturing and implementing greenhouse projects. From that period until now we have gained great experience that enabled us to become pionee...

Bafarat Industrial Group - Rana Food

Industrial Group is a Saudi company specializing in food processing and processing (hot sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, salsa and vinegar), and we also have trading items packed under the name of our region (tomato paste, pickles and grape leaves) all those items under the brand name that became the bra...


Al Safi Danone Company Ltd. is a Saudi dairy products company. It was established in the year 1981. Its head office is located in Al-Seih city in Al-Kharj governorate in the Riyadh region. While Al-Safi Dairy Farms and Al-Safi Canned Products Factories are located in Al-Sahba, east of Al-Seih...


Almarai, a Saudi joint stock company operating in the fields of agriculture, dairy products, and food distribution, includes Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states...

NOVA Water

We are keen to play a major role in the water industry by pioneering the bottling of pure water directly from the source. It is also our goal to provide our customers with pure drinking water according to the highest quality standards. In order to provide its customers with the best quality of wate...

Berain Water

At Beren, we rely on technology and fully automation to produce the drinking water we are confident to deliver to you and your family safely. All of our production lines are fully automated. Therefore, make sure that your hand is the first hand to touch the package...

Nestlé Pur

We supply our water from wells, and then it goes through a 12-step quality process. This means we adhere to strict standards for bottled water. So you can be sure to enjoy the same clean, fresh taste....

Doha Poultry Company

"Doha Poultry" company started its work in the field of poultry manufacturing in 1989 AD, where it was inaugurated and established in particular in 2008 AD under the leadership of Eng. Salah Bin Radwan Humaidan and his partners .. The starting point was in the manufacture of poultry from the primiti...

Karim Food Industries

Karim Food Industries, a food and beverage firm, as a major manufacturer and distributor is dedicated to Providing consumers with premium quality products and value for money, Karim produces variety of Juices for its customer in Bottles and Tetra Pack....